Dual language learner supports

DUAL LANGUAGE LEARNING SUPPORTS A self-reflection tool for early childhood educators. Many languages, one purpose: better learning experiences. Through a website, we developed a tool that allows educators to identify how their teaching practices fare, in terms of understanding and development of the native language and English, with children who carry out their learning in […]

Dual language learning supports

DUAL LANGUAGE LEARNING SUPPORTS A self-reflection tool for early childhood educators. Etiam diam sem, auctor quis nulla at, venenatis dignissim odio. Vestibulum luctus, tellus consequat cursus vestibulum, felis sem fringilla arcu, sit amet tincidunt erat erat mollis lacus. Etiam ligula nulla, accumsan vitae lobortis sit amet, mattis eu est. Phasellus suscipit, leo in mattis tincidunt, […]


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The Children’s Trust

THE CHILDREN’S TRUST The new face of the Trust that gives children many reasons to smile View TV Spot We carried out a campaign to communicate a brand refresh, so that it would be more harmonious, friendly and fun Because a brand that works for children had to be seen through the eyes of a […]

The Children’s Trust Book Club

THE CHILDREN’S TRUST | BOOK CLUB We rewrote a story so that thousands of children would fall in love with reading view video The Book Club has been a flagship program of The Children’s Trust However, in recent years, its subscribers had decreased, among other factors, because its communication had lost impact; it needed something […]

The Children’s Trust Stay Home Miami

THE CHILDREN’S TRUST | STAY HOME MIAMI We made the most difficult moment of this century entertaining VIEW SPOT TV When the world went into quarantine, millions of families were faced with the same question: what to do with our children at home 24 hours a day. We solved it with StayHome.Miami, a website designed […]