We made the most difficult moment of this century entertaining

When the world went into quarantine, millions of families were faced with the same question: what to do with our children at home 24 hours a day. We solved it with StayHome.Miami, a website designed to entertain and teach through technology.

Made with at home so we can be safe together so we can have fun together so we can learn together so we can grow together
80+ pages on air
in two weeks
English Spanish Creole
0 M+
0 K+

We created powerful content:

  • We colored with Romero Britto and his art book
  • Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities read us amazing stories
  • Gloria Stefan invited us to put on our masks
  • We sang with Baby Shark and learned to wash our hands
  • We hit a lot of homeruns with The Miami Marlins superstars

We invited people to stay on the bright side of a difficult time

In addition to creating a website, we created a campaign via social media for SHM, based on the realities of hundreds of families.

Giving hundreds of reasons of people to be with their families, brought us great rewards

AT&T and Government Technology magazine recognized The Children’s Trust StayHome.Miami with 2020 Technology Innovation Citizens Award


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