We are all about putting people first

Our main focus is understanding your business in order to develop strong and insightful stories. Your business identity should always remain the same, from every angle. And our secret? These 3 principles:


Develop ideas that build a brand

Good ideas are our passion.  And we like ideas that spark emotion and connect with your audience.


Be independent

Independence allows us to think freely and strategically. It also allows for a natural creativity process, far from barriers and big organizational beuacracies.


Good people, exceptional professionals

Our team is awesome. Each one of us is amazingly profesional in what we do and we focus on results. Most importantly, we are good people with good values.

Nice to meet you. This is ACentral.
Who we are and what we look like.

Amanda Lee

Web Designer

Mike Stuart

UI / UX Designer

Samanta Kols


Tommy Lee

Support Manager

Mila Yong

CEO Company

Mila Yong

CEO Company

Bill Kocs

Web Designer

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