The new face of the Trust that gives children many reasons to smile

We carried out a campaign to communicate a brand refresh, so that it would be more harmonious, friendly and fun

Because a brand that works for children had to be seen through the eyes of a child.

This essence is reflected in brand architecture and communication; allowing us to spread the message on the streets of Miami-Dade County and in non-traditional media.

A hopeful concept defined our campaign

The future has a new face

The face of millions of Miami-Dade County children who deserve programs that enrich the building blocks for their future.

A multicultural design

With a new typography, graphic resources and a dynamic color palette; We use color as a conceptual resource, representing the racial diversity of children.

New DNA, to be unique

With this refresh, we became more visible to those who already knew us, and we introduced ourselves to those who didn’t yet.

We created a brand campaign that not only communicates an institutional purpose, it makes visible and creates new opportunities. It creates futures!


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